Hi. I'm Aaron.

Hi. I'm Aaron, an ex IBM coder from Toronto interested in startups. I've built two companies, with one funded and recently released a book.

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Most of these projects began to solve a problem at hand.

Here are the most recent.

HN Reader

A Google Reader-type interface for HN (technology-related articles, news and projects for the intellectually curious). Refreshes twice a day, tweaked for mobile, and strips off HN comments.


An experimental mobile interface for a clothing search engine. A proof of concept to find clothes by budget and by fit.

Founder Candy

My journey in the startup world began at age 13. The advice I got was often contradictory, so in an attempt to find some common ground, I blogged on the advice from investors and accelerators here.

Standout Slides

A set of powerpoint palettes I drew up to make quick flowcharts and presentations. It's 100% free to use in commercial and personal work, no attribution required.


An exercise app for that beer belly to be gone in 30 second increments.


Keep a daily log of things to be thankful for. Uses Angular.js and your local cache (i.e. if you delete your browsing data, the data's lost).

Awesome work makes happy clients.

I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing teams, both abroad and in Canada.

IBM Germany

Developed a dashboard for operational analytics with remote teams in NYC and Austria, using PHP, Javascript and SQL. Managed to work in some travel around Europe with the team.


Working for a telecom giant taught me a lot about the patent process. Bringing the 3G standard to market and coding in Erlang was just a bonus.

GBG [Acquired by 3M]

We developed mobile supply-chain management software for clients such as Coco-Cola. The startup was based in the Waterloo high-tech triangle.

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If you'd like to drop me a line, email aaron@brownieinmotion.ca.